2018 Bay Area Hackathon Recap: Dare, Disrupt, Explore (even more)!

On Sunday, March 25, the Dare, Explore, Disrupt Hackathon brought an epic all-day coding experience to youth in the Bay Area.

The ScriptEd community in San Francisco and Oakland has grown rapidly since programs launched in the Bay Area last year. Over 100 ScriptEd students and volunteers showed up for our 2nd annual Bay Area Hackathon, which took place at the Google Community Space in San Francisco.

During the day-long coding competition, students created projects inspired by the theme “Dare, Explore, Disrupt.” Just like their peers at the Hackathon in New York City a week earlier, Bay Area students chose to create projects on a wide variety of topics, from art to science to social change. Projects were judged based on functionality, creativity, and teamwork. Students competed in two groups based on skill level, and worked in teams with the support of a volunteer.

Special thanks to our sponsors at HSBC, Atlassian and IBM, and to the volunteers and judges whose generosity makes this epic event possible.

Check out the photo gallery below, and read on for a list of the winning projects from each group.

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2018 NYC Hackathon Recap: Dare, Disrupt, Explore!

Over 200 students came out for this year’s ScriptEd Hackathon in NYC – on Saturday, March 17 at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.

Students had just six hours to brainstorm and build an interactive website on a topic of their choice, inspired by the theme “Dare, Explore, Disrupt.” While some students were inspired by the Intrepid to create projects around sea, air and space exploration, others chose to focus on issues they care about, like gun violence and the environment. Projects were judged based on functionality, creativity, and teamwork. Students competed in two groups based on skill level, and worked in teams with the support of a volunteer.

Shout out to over a hundred volunteers who donated their time to create an unforgettable experience for our students. And very special thanks to our sponsors at HSBC, Atlassian and IBM for making this epic event possible.

Check out the photo gallery below, and read on for a list of the winning projects from each group.

And stay tuned for more great projects from our Bay Area Hackathon on Sunday, March 25!


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ScriptEd’s 2016-2017 Annual Report

Dear ScriptEd Community,

In 2016-17, this community worked harder than ever towards our vision of a better world. And I am filled with hope, because it was our most successful year yet. Last year, ScriptEd programs launched in 3 schools in the Bay Area. This year, we will serve 200 students in 11 schools in San Francisco and Oakland. In New York City, more than 800 students took ScriptEd courses last year. We are excited to share their stories in this Annual Report. This community is proof that one thing is always certain, even in the most uncertain times: with a high-quality education and a supportive community, all young people can thrive. Thank you for your continued support.


ScriptEd Students Code the Future

Copy of ScriptEd_Hackathon_Logo (1)

Ever wonder what the future of housing looks like? How will we read books? What will music look like? When will we ever get a time machine?! ScriptEd students in New York and San Francisco came together on Saturday to envision just that.


Our coast-to-coast Hackathon was hosted at Google in New York and Mozilla in San Francisco. Huge thanks to all of our sponsors — Atlassian, Google, Mozilla, Github, Sallie Mae and Boxed — for making this epic day possible.

And a very special shout out to our volunteers. We’re grateful for you today and every day for being incredible mentors to the young people of ScriptEd.

Thanks also to our esteemed judges: Stewin Camargo, HSBC; Michael Smith, PINCHme; John Witrock, SideWalk Labs; Alex Qin, SkillShare; Jasmine Greenaway, Github/BrooklynJS; Christina Morillo, Microsoft; Armando Somoza, Rapport Studios; Genine Yarborough, The Brave Stack Network; Joel Kolkmann, NYC Dept City Planning; Jazmin Chavez, New York City Council; Jes Osrow, Hired; Paola Mata, Buzzfeed; Ashish Yadav, HSBC; Patrick Weaver, MOUSE; Gustavo Resendiz, SideWalk Labs; Lauren States, ScriptEd; Andrew Rasiej, Civic Hall; Minerva Tantoco, Future Perfect; Jessica Millstone, BrainPOP; Stephen Henderson, Atlassian, Shreyas, Atlassian; Jennie Lyons, SFUSD

Check out photos from the day on our Facebook page, and read on for a list of winners from each group!



1st Place - Building for the Future

1st Place – Building for the Future: Simulates how long a house lasts against natural disasters based on construction materials that you chose.


2nd Place - Readster

2nd Place – Readster: A social network for readers where you can share your reading list with other users.


3rd Place - Word Script

3rd Place – Word Script: Helps people that don’t know how to code or have trouble understanding code to make coding easier by using keywords to start code.


4th Place - The Present Future of Food

Finalist – The Present Future of Food: Evaluates personal food health.





1st Place - Future of Medicine

1st Place – Future of Medicine: A product to aid people in feeling younger and better.


2nd Place - "i"

2nd Place – “i”: Portrays the future of vision and technology.


3rd Place - Escape EgoLog

3rd Place – Escape EgoLog: A game that envisions a future where EgoLog traps you in their headquarters and it is your job to escape.


4th Place - LifeSim

4th Place – LifeSim: A choose your own adventure game, where the character is a high school student aiming to go to college in the year 2022.



1st Place - The Future of Earths Resources

1st Place – The Future of Earths Resources: A clicker game that teaches people how to manage their natural resources for a better future.


2nd Place - Babytar

2nd Place – Babytar: It lets you design a baby!


3rd place - Future Was Yesterday

3rd place – Future Was Yesterday: A time travel machine.


All of our students did such incredible work. Please feel free to check out all the projects from our students here. Also check out some social media highlights on Storify!

2017 Internship Brochure


Coding for Change at ScriptEd’s Winter Hackathon

ScriptEd just hosted its biggest Hackathon yet, thanks to the 300 students and over 100 volunteers who came out to code on a wet winter day! Competing teams were spread across three sites at Google and Microsoft offices in New York City. 

picture for hackathon

The theme Code for Change encouraged students to use their skills to become agents of change, and build websites and apps that help make the world a better place. Students chose to work on a wide range of global and local issues they care about – from aiding Syrian refugees and bringing clean water to Flint, to promoting pay equity and providing mental health resources to their peers.


Congratulations to the winners, who were selected by a panel of distinguished judges at our three sites.

ScriptEd Hackathon @ Microsoft

1st place: Water Crisis by Team E, a game focused on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan
2nd place: The Landfill by Team J, a game looking at the importance of recycling
Honorable mention: Swayze by Team F, a game focused on finding safe passageways for Syrian refugees
Antuan Santana, Community Manager, Citizenship at Microsoft
James Miles, Director of Education at Urban Arts Partnership, Professor at NYU
Maurya Couvares, Executive Director and Co-founder, ScriptEd

ScriptEd Hackathon @ Google Water Tower

1st place: EmpowHer by Team M, a project looking at female representation in media
2nd place: Meals on the Move by Team A, a resource project on homelessness
3rd place: Trash Gun by Team R, a game about recycling
Honorable mention: Stop Discrimination by Team V, location-based discussion forum on discrimination
Minerva Tantoco, Senior Advisor at Future Perfect Ventures, Former CTO of NYC
Tracy Chou, Software Engineer, Founding Member of Project Include
Jared Hatch, Conductor at ThoughtWorks
Dan Kass, Co-Founder at

ScriptEd Hackathon @ Google Spire

1st place: Requestz by Team F, a website to connect people who can help with people who need help
2nd place: Time of Subway by Team D, a game to promote awareness of problems with public transportation
3rd place: Outlet by Team J, a restorative justice project
Yiyi Zhang, Co-Organizer, New York Tech for Social Good Meetup
Bill Cromie Director of Emergent Technology, Blue Ridge Labs
John Fazzolari, Co-Founder, Revivn

You can find links to all of the other powerful projects ScriptEd students built on our Github page.

Check out the #ScriptEdHackathon on Storify for some highlights from the day.

Winners made off with prizes that included laptops, tablets bluetooth speakers, and portable chargers.

Thanks to Microsoft and Google for providing space for this event, to Boxed for keeping our hungry horde well-fed, and to Kevin Mitchell for donating prizes for the Microsoft site.

And of course, a huge shout out to our students for always bringing their best selves, and our volunteers for their tireless work to make this magical day happen.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions for our next Hackathon? We want to know! Submit your comments here.

ScriptEd’s 2015-2016 Annual Report

Dear ScriptEd Community,

September 2016 marked the beginning of ScriptEd’s fifth school year. I have been blown away by the growing size and deepening dedication of our community over the past year. At present, 900 students are learning web development in ScriptEd classes and 180 software engineers are volunteering their time to teach and to make their field more equitable. Perhaps most notable is our cohort of young alumni—65% of whom are studying computer science in college. We are excited that our students are on a pathway towards a career in technology, surrounded by a community cheering them on.

ScriptEd_2016_Annual Report

ScriptEd_2016_Annual Report

Why Our Work is More Important Than Ever

At ScriptEd, we are committed to our mission, grounded in an enduring belief in justice and inclusion. On a day like this, we are trying to cope with what this means for the progress our country has made across all areas of social inclusion, and to the young people we serve who are expressing profound fear and anxiety in our classrooms today.

When a student asks if she will be deported; when a student approaches you and says, “this is it for us, right?” we are activated to the the urgency of this work and the critical importance of our students’ protection and empowerment.

To see our nation choose walls, xenophobia, sexism, and demagoguery over love, hope, diversity, and community is devastating. But it points to why we are here. We are deeply grateful for the ScriptEd community that has supported our mission – and it is time to rally now more than ever. We hope you will view this loss as an impetus to build a stronger community, take care of one another and create space for dialogue and meaningful support for our country’s youth.

We are thinking of you all out there, thankful for your support and hopeful for the community we will continue to build together.

We’re Hiring in the San Francisco Bay Area! Program Managers – Please Apply!

We’re hiring in the San Francisco Bay Area!

We are piloting our program in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 2016-2017 school year and are actively looking for an entrepreneurial, passionate individual to join our founding Bay Area team.

Please see the attached job description for more information about the position and instructions on how to apply.

SF Bay - Program Manager Job Posting 2016

At the ScriptEd Hackathon – We Code In Style!

ScriptEd celebrated its end of year hackathon last Saturday at Google’s NYC offices. Students representing nearly 30 schools across New York City created interactive web projects that fit with the surprise theme… STYLE!

No runway could compare to the creativity of these students.


McPac, an all female team, earned the top prize on Saturday for their game Styling With the Stars: Election EditionThey are joined by our esteemed panel of judges in the picture above.  The judges include:



Thank you to Google for hosting, Hudson’s Bay Company for being a sponsor, and to all of the volunteers who made the day happen. Check out  pictures from the event here, and find social media highlights on our storify!

These are the other winners and incredible honorable mentions from the day:

First Place: Styling with the Stars by Team McPac

Second Place: Fashionocalypse by Fashion Heroes

Third Place: Paint the City by Stylish Scripters


Finalists (in no particular order):

Camera Shoot Style by F is For Fantastic

Time Warp by Digital Inq

StyleSwiper by Team 0


Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order)

Catch the Clothes by Team CTC

City Designers by fire-dragons

Dress Mess by Design Industries

Fashion Attraction by TeamFashionAttraction

Fatal Fashion by Team Fatalis

Food Stylist by Foodstylers

HAEDsthetics by AOI

Looktastic by The Incredibles

My Coding Coyote by Coding Coyotes by Team

Style Me by Purple Python Prince

The UV Fashion Show by Team UV Fashion