Futures in Technology

What We Do

ScriptEd equips students in under-resourced schools with the fundamental coding skills and professional experiences that together create access to careers in technology.

Engage Volunteers

Our courses are taught by experienced software developers on a volunteer basis, ensuring that our students have exposure to role models and potential mentors in the field.

Teach in Schools

We bring our tuition-free program directly to schools. Our curriculum is created in collaboration with our volunteers, ensuring students have exposure to the most up-to-date knowledge available.

Link to Internships

Our students apply their new coding skills in paid summer internships where they gain the experience and confidence necessary to pursue careers in technology.

The Problem

The technology industry is growing faster than ever, but new, diverse talent is becoming harder and harder to find.

1 Million
By the year 2020, ONE MILLION technology jobs will go unfilled.
4 in 5
FOUR in FIVE science, technology, engineering, and mathematics professionals choose their career in high school or earlier.
Less than 26% of the computing workforce is female.
Less than 15% of the computing workforce is Black or Latino.

How You Can Help

ScriptEd is a not for profit organization that depends on donations and volunteers. There are many ways you can help support our cause.



Volunteer to teach ScriptEd students in one of our partner schools or explore other volunteer options.



To broaden our impact, we need strong partners and financial support. Please consider donating to ScriptEd.



Our students are hard workers who are excited to use their skills in the real world. Hire a ScriptEd Intern this summer.

Sabiha Sultana, ScriptEd Student
Being able to have a glimpse of the programming world and work with professionals is a really outstanding and rare experience for me as a high school junior…I’ll treasure the experience I’ve gathered so far for the day that I walk on the same career path.
Sabiha Sultana, ScriptEd Student
Raul Del Llano, ScriptEd Student
I have been able to learn so many things in just a short amount of time…having this opportunity to work at such a renowned company was due to ScriptEd and their great connections. Reasons like this make me glad that I joined this class because it really opened a new world up for me.
Raul Del Llano, ScriptEd Student
Lilibeth Perez, ScriptEd Student
Yes, I am a girl. Yes, I know how to code. No, I don’t always look like the stereotypical nerd girl…Don’t label me. Don’t confine me into one category. A programmer can be anyone.
Lilibeth Perez, ScriptEd Student

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